Celeste Summer: Interpreting the Body’s Wisdom

Celeste Summer has enjoyed a long career as an occupational therapist and Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her work has helped hundreds of patients throughout Central Florida. She performs her services in schools, the home, and outpatient care facilities.

Over the years, Celeste Summer has seen firsthand how changes made at the body’s energetic level can lead to decreased physical pain and emotional stress, and faster recovery from sensory overload.

By using energy medicine techniques and protocols, Celeste is able to interpret the body’s signals and help it heal and restore itself. Her ultimate goal is to help people big and small make lasting changes to their energetic body so they may reach their highest potential.

Using Energy Work to Help Kids on the Spectrum

Celeste is especially passionate about working with children who have Sensory Processing Disorders and ASD. She also teaches caregivers and families energy healing methods that promote balance and reduce stress.

Get In Touch!

Contact Celeste Summer today at 727-742-7698, or summermoves@yahoo.com

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