Movement for Students DVD

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the “Movement for Students” DVD.

The routines were designed to create space in the mind and body – so that learning can occur. There are three, 5-minute routines that are easily accessible and do not require any equipment. All three routines conclude with the students sitting quietly in their seats [ready to learn].

With Gratitude, Celeste Summer OT/L, EEMCP


routine one

The calming routine is particularly useful following transitions (e.g. after P.E. or lunch).


routine two

The energizing routine can be used first thing in the morning to move students from a tired state of being to one that is calm and alert.


routine three

The testing routine is designed to decrease anxiety and foster “flow” or an “in the zone” state of mind.



$10.00 for one DVD +

$3.95 for S/H within continental United States

Please contact for orders outside the continental U.S. and school-wide licensing.

please note…novelty wears off quickly. It is our hope that once students learn the different exercises, they will then create their own routines that are both useful and fun.