Sessions with Celeste Summer

your body’s energy flow

The body’s energy can become blocked due to toxins; prolonged stress or negativity; physical impairments; or a combination of life’s other complications (some seemingly beyond our control). The new reality is that energies can be re-patterned by talented practitioners.

Experience deep relaxation at a profound level with a personalized energy session: move from survival mode to vital lifestyle!

what’s included

We will assess and balance your energetic systems, develop functional goals, and teach self-care exercises to keep your energy aligned and harmonized beyond the time we spend together. Active participation in self-care exercises reinforce the patterns that have been adjusted, and take less than five minutes a day.

sign up

Get in touch with me at or (727) 742-7698.

please note…

Energy work facilitates the body’s natural healing processes and is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care by a licensed health care provider.


  • professional fees
  • discounted rates


  • 120
  • Session

  • 100/hr
  • Discount packages are available for those on the front line of building up and maintaining our society: school instructional and support workers; military past and present; EMT, police, and firefighters.

    Thank you for all that you do.